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Solar PV Design Software

Unlock the power of what-if analysis through collaboration and explore your scenarios in real-time with your clients to increase engagement.

PV Farm is a cloud-based solution. 

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Get your 3D content into the cloud in a couple of clicks

Get your 3D content into the cloud in a couple of clicks

It’s easy to get started with PV Farm Configurator. Not only you can upload your site boundaries in a matter of seconds, but you can also upload and configure your real equipment.

Start with 3 simple steps:

  1. Drag and drop your KMZ/KML with your site boundaries

  2. Upload your equipment via PAN or OND files

  3. Select the configuration for your equipment

Produce more pv layouts in less time, without compromising on quality

Save 66% of your time on producing your PV farm layout, consider 24x more scenarios, make more informed decisions and avoid loss making projects.

With PV Farm you can do all the above thanks to a powerful technology that allows you to automatically generate accurate what-if analysis and scenarios testing

Produce more layouts in less time without compromising on quality
Combine different areas of expertise into one single software

Combine different areas of expertise into one single software

Whether you're in the energy, mechanical and electrical engineering field, we got you covered to ensure a continuous flow of your project.

PV Farm will enable engineers to dedicate more time to experiment with their data, and refine their outcomes and productively discuss them among each other rather than focusing on tedious routine tasks such as moving arrays of trackers.

Let our algorithm take the heavy toll and let engineers be more gratified

Focus on what matters to make your work more valuable and efficient

Iterate, test and explore and at the same time extract, filter, summarise and visualise the quantities you need to estimate the costs of your plant.

Our platform is there to maximise the value of your PV farm, from pv layout and equipment configuration to wiring cost calculation and trenches adjustments

Focus on what matters to make your work more valuable and efficient

Why PV Farm?

Seamless integrations

Upload your model from AutoCAD, Civil 3D and/or export your final results to PvSyst. Need a bespoke integration? Let’s evaluate it together and talk next steps

Limitless collaboration

Iterate and work with your colleagues on your projects to avoid time consuming back and forth. No user limit restrictions

Robust technology / Accuracy

Our layout algorithm works with the most complex boundaries. Through computational flexibility, you can choose which goal to achieve whether is best balance vs max power vs compactness or more!

Advanced layout automation and modelling

Flexibility is one of the key drivers of PV Farm. We support: multiple trackers configurations, multiple transformer-inverter types, single-axis tracking racking system, fixed-tilt racking system and much more!

No site size limit

PV Farm has been designed to support the largest PV plant layouts (even the Bhadla Solar Park!). Upload your site of any size and let our software take care of the rest

Detailed Engineering

Performs and automates complex wiring scheme calculations, substation layouts, SLD for medium, low and medium-low voltage

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PV Farm 

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