Streamline Utility
Scale Solar PV
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PVFARM revolutionizes utility-scale solar with a perfect blend of automation and human craftsmanship, ensuring your projects are efficient, precise, successful, and fun.

Effortless Design

Eliminate tedious, repetitive tasks with PVFARM, making your work more efficient and enjoyable.

Efficient Analysis

Save 96% design time with PVFARM's advanced automation.

Predictable Profits

Boost profitability with precise, data-driven insights for informed decisions and optimized designs.

Overwhelmed by your project pipeline?

PVFARM's advanced algorithms quickly identify the most efficient options for your project, freeing you to focus on what truly matters.

Frustrated by limited customization and lack of detail in your current tools?

PVFARM offers extensive flexibility and deep customization to meet your specific project needs, streamlining your design process.

Spending your time clicking and waiting instead of thinking?

PVFARM simplifies comprehensive, real-time analysis on projects up to 800MW dc, allowing you to concentrate on analysis rather than endless clicking or segmenting your project for other software.

Our Solution

The Right Level of Detail, Always

Detail-rich solar PV designs
that are still easy to customize

Real-time analysis and quantification
to fine-tune your designs

Instant, in-app energy analysis
at any level of design

Use the latest industry-leading equipment
and design approaches

Advanced Automation
and Integrations

Effortless mix and match
equipment and electrical designs
in the same project

Multiple grading strategies
with just a few clicks

Seamless integration with your favorite tools
to fit into your existing workflows

User-friendly, web-based
interface built on industry-leading technology

Multidisciplinary, Flexible Designs

Collaborate across disciplines -
electrical, mechanical, civil, and energy all in one place

Test New Ideas
without redoing your work

Holistic evaluation
of opportunities and trade-offs

Enhance project efficiency and accuracy

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How it Works

Step One

Import your project context or create/edit constraints right in the app.

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