Solar Panels

Top-tier Engineering, Solar Array Design and Layout Exploration Services for Utility-Scale Projects

Aside from a powerful and modern cloud-based pv software, the PV Farm Team is now also offering professional ad-hoc consultancy services to help you overcome tight clients' deadlines, deliver a detailed layout, produce a bill of materials and optimise your LCOE.

Our team of expert engineers is committed to delivering high-quality reports with a fast turnaround time.


How Can We Help?

Solar Array Design
  • Layout modelling and efficiency

  • Equipment specification

  • Module stringing

  • O&M access: roads and trenches

  • Cut&Fill / Piles optimisation

Electrical Engineering
  • Single Line Diagram

  • Voltage Drop

  • Circuit routing

  • Point of interconnection

  • Wiring Specifications

Project Exploration
  • Quantities

  • Cost Estimation

  • Visual Data Charts

  • Project metrics / quick facts

  • Topography analysis

What We Need From You?

Site Boundaries & Roads

Whether you have a .DWG or .KMZ/.KML file, you can share it with us. Preferably, it should display any inclusion/exclusion zones and existing roads. We work with any utility-scale PV project larger than 10MW. 

Desired Target

We respect our clients' goals whether you want to achieve a Lowest Cost per Watt, Highest Yield, Lowest LCOE or be aligned with your own specification. 

Equipment Specification

We will work with your exact equipment, including trackers, combiner boxes, inverters (central or string ones), transformers, sectionalising cabinets,  and modules​.

What To Expect?

These are the standard steps we take when working on consultancy projects (more calls, steps can be arranged depending on the complexity of the requirements)
Discovery call

1 hour

Let's get started with the introduction and discuss together the project goals, project scope, time frame and the next steps. 

During this call, we will discover which information is missing and the assumptions we can make. 


1 hour

Once we agreed on the terms and conditions of the consultancy project, signing an NDA will be the final legal step before we can get going!

Brief finalisation

1 day

A quick call to review and finalise the project brief and assumptions, before our Team can start working on it! 

On this call, we will define all scenarios we are going to create during optioneering or 'what if' analysis.


1 day + 1 hour call

Our engineers will process all the inputs provided and use the technology to generate up to 20 layout options showing different trade-offs between energy performance, electrical works, civil works and construction costs.

Scenario analysis and review

1 day + 1 hour call

Our team will present valuable scenarios in a call with you to select together the most efficient output that matches your goals and assumptions.

Report delivery

1 day

The final output will be a PDF report and the BIM model in our software. A sample structure will contain the following information: Layout, Single Line Diagram, Quantities and Schedules.

​Why choosing us?

Fastest turnaround time without losing quality

You could have your final output delivered in less than 4 days after signing the NDA! Our engineers will work with you step-by-step to ensure your requirements are thoroughly matched.

In-depth engineering expertise

We have partnered with one of the largest industry leaders in EPC contracting in the US Market. Our consultants and engineers are constantly keeping up to date on the latest products and technologies available in the market.

Advanced software technology

With our proprietary 3D engine, you can view and explore the largest site in full 3D BIM with the necessary level of detail.

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